New Years Resolutions – that’s so last year

I’m back on the blogging bandwagon – getting back to posting with my blogging group the Blog-o-sphere!  This month our topic is all the rage right now – New Years Resolutions!  While statistically most of us have already failed being a few weeks into January.

The list runs the same every year – workout/fitness, patient pill quit smoking, eating healthier, getting organized and on and on and on.  We’ve all made the same resolutions,  sometimes the same every year!

I’m really not much for new years resolutions.  I don’t really care to set myself up for failure.  It seems terrible to do this to ourselves,  this arbitrary date that is meant to signify new beginning.  I totally get it, I just know I don’t have it in me.

We start calving our cows in late January and into February, so I’m not getting much sleep,  sometimes supper is lame & my mind is elsewhere.  But after yesterday’s calving fiasco,  I might just be on my way to achieving some fitness goals without a gym membership!  Attempting to get a new baby into the barn on a sled in the knee-deep snow has left me sore today!

Mama escorting baby to the barn.

VIP escort to the barn. I’m holding baby down in the sled (being pulled by a snowmobile) while her mama follows.

So by getting myself back writing in the blogging group in January,  hauling calves through the snow & getting my studio cleaned up I am unknowingly participating in the whole Resolution movement.

I wish EVERY person the best of luck with their resolutions this month and hope that they have realistic expectations and set themselves up for success!  I’m off to check some cows, who knows,  I could very easily get a big surprise workout!



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7 Responses to “New Years Resolutions – that’s so last year”

  1. Kathleen Krucoff said...

    We share the opinion that resolutions set people up for failure. Best wishes to you and your dreams/goals in 2014!

  2. Shelagh said...

    Thanks, you too Kathleen

  3. Catherine Witherell said...

    What a wild ride that must be! There are no resolutions in nature! Nature pulls you along in it’s force.

    Nice to meet you Shelagh!

  4. Shelagh said...

    So true! Nature does what it wants, we must follow along!

  5. Diana Bell said...

    I cut cedar for a “health club” work out. Know where you are coming from! Happy New Calves!

  6. pencilfox said...

    you are living in the moment, and that is what’s most important in life….
    [love your photos!!]

  7. barbaradonovan said...

    Your life seems too full and active meaningless resolutions! All the best in the new year 🙂