Still not back to normal – who am I kidding? there’s never been normal

Well here I am about 2 months since I’ve last posted. The whirlwind that was the Calgary Stampede Art show still hasn’t stopped whirling.

I’ve got a ton of orders that aren’t finished, page I’m working when I can, but can’t seem to get ahead. So why is she ‘wasting’ time blogging? Well I just finished skimming an article about why businesses are afraid to blog. I fall into most of these categories:

I don’t know what to say.
What if I say the wrong thing.
I don’t want to be judged.
What if I run out of things to say.
I don’t have time.
But there are people and experts who know more than I do.
I don’t want to look stupid.

I recently asked the question on my FB page & got some great tips from my good friends, Cathryn & Suzie. I’m feeling like the social media scene that I want to keep up with is a little overwhelming; like full time job overwhelming.

I’m going to make a more concerted effort to reach my audience, even if it’s just an Instagram pic of something I’m working on, or the kids, or the cows, or something!!!

Kids are doing fabulous in their new school, we’re functional (not fully unpacked) in the ‘new/old house’ and the 4H calves will be coming in soon, my real job is fantastic and fulfilling and I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled next week, so I’ll be losing some weight – gotta look on the bright side

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