Not your Grandma’s Ring

I have been making the Family Horse Shoe rings for 5 years.  There are quite a few out there & EVERY one has been a different experience.  Different personalities, erectile there different preferences, cure and of course different ideas!  The whole journey started with a request from a client; we talked about the only family rings we all had known.  The ones that our Grandma’s had worn, the ones in the Sears Catalog;  don’t get me wrong – I LOVED my Grandma’s ring.  As a kid, I loved to take her hands & go through each stone, naming each family member lovingly represented in that little stone.  It was a piece of jewelry she wore every day; proud of each and every one of us.

The ‘science’ of birthstones, history & preference can be confusing; then there are birthstone meanings thrown into it.  There are differing charts that show some variations:



Here are a few of my own birthstone creations:

Donna's ring

I start second guessing myself before I set the stones.  I double, triple check my notes, my email communication with the client & still tend to touch base with the client to make sure they’re the correct months & in the correct order.


Actually, the picture below that I use on a lot of advertising & blog posting; is the first Family Ring I ever did! A 2009 version,  I never thought it would be such a hit!

family ring



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