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Wow!  We have this discussion ALL THE TIME in our house, symptoms in fact those lotto commercials inspire many conversations like this.  There are so many things I’d like to do to improve our place.  Probably not many of which would be the norm if you didn’t have to worry about the ca$h.

1.  I’d hire someone to clean up my yard.  Our yard has been accumulating since the 1950’s and the more we clean up,   the more we find.  Its a slow process that has taken us years to see a big difference.  I’d love to have a huge crew & equipment to get it done in a couple weeks.



2. New windows and doors for my house – maybe an addition.  I would not want to build a new house,  that sounds like a giant pain in the butt to me.  I’d do some pretty sweet improvements to my 1979 house.  There is something to be said about the value of an established yard.

3. Build a kick-ass studio.  I would love to have a large space that was intuitive and comfortable for me to work in.  I’d probably hook that sucker up to my house, so I wouldn’t have to go outside in the winter!

4. Build a new barn.  Nothing crazy fancy,  but enough room to do what we need to comfortably.

5. A new Suburban.  I need to haul a lot of kids & stuff, but its also necessary for me to have 4 wheel drive.  My 2002 model is still going pretty good,  the heated seats in the back of a newer model might get a few votes from my brat-pack.  Also,  I can pack my jewelry booth & supplies perfectly into my suburban;  its like a puzzle,  I can’t go learning how to re-work that with something too different.


6. I’d really love to be able to help some people that really need it.  Pay off some mortgages,  buy some vehicles, support some charities that are close to my heart.  It might not be grandiose gestures, but I know so many people who are just plain struggling &  something like a rent-free house or a reliable vehicle would change their life.

They say money can’t buy happiness.  I believe that to be true if you’re unhappy to start with.  I have a wonderful life,  a fantastic husband who adores me,  great & healthy kids;  we just have a cash-flow problem.   I figure that if that is the worst thing I have to worry about,  I’m doing well;  it sure is fun to dream though.




So what is this new “blog-o-Sphere” thing?
A friend formed a group of friends who blog  [She titled it the ” Blog-o-sphere think tank” Group.] ; from all different areas of life, to do a ‘once a month’ ‘blog circle’, or ‘blog carnival’ type thing, if you will. Anyway, we get together once a month, and all write about the same topic, and hopefully we all post at the same time, on the 20th of each month.  Everyone has a different ideas; so you might learn something, or open your eyes to new ideas . In any case, it’s fun!!!  I hope you’ll visit all the blogs and have a read!

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5 Responses to “If money were no object – Blog-O-Sphere”

  1. Pallavi Gandhi said...

    aww! I hope you get everything on your wishlist 🙂

  2. Andes Cruz said...

    Yes to all of that.
    Studio, improvements, and helping others where possible

  3. Kirsten said...

    Maybe you can get a scrapper to come haul off your junk for free! They get money by recycling the metal.

    We have a big Dodge Durango for the same reason you have a Suburban.

  4. Shelagh said...

    Coincidentally, we had 4 semi loads of metal leave in the last couple days. My Father-in-laws trackhoe happened to be home & the trucking outfit had a truck and driver available. We should at least come out after paying everyone to pay for some more garbage skid bins now.

  5. Catherine Witherell said...

    I very nice post. You are a dear! Yep, that’s a lot of stuff in your yard.