“How I Lost 6 Months of my Life” by a professional procrastinator

I can’t say I’m a professional procrastinator, approved just an incredibly over-committed Mum who is especially good at putting things off, order trying to carve out some me time.

The last time I felt sane was actually in the middle of the storm aka Calgary Stampede. Once I got there, no rx the months of preparation was over, the stress was somewhat diminished, it was crazy, but there wasn’t any more I could do. My 12 day mantra: All I can do, is all I can do”.

Flash forward to Christmas 6 months later, that’s where my head is now, finished all the Stampede orders & immediately into Christmas work. I’m frantically getting ready for the Bragg Creek Artisans Christmas Sale.

In that lost time, was a blur:

1. Moved – packed & moved 6 people with all the toys, Lego and crap you could imagine. We’re still not really unpacked, just barely functional but living on our own dirt. Best? There’s still a dumpster bin outside, so purging other people’s stuff is fun & easy!
2. Family Drama – you know that box of stuff we all still have at our parents place? That every once in a while they suggest you take home? Well think bigger, much bigger, like vehicles, equipment, junk, junk & more junk
3. The Fair – kinda huge in this family. Lineage goes back to the very first Priddis/Millarville fair 107 years ago. I put my foot down though – no horse show. We just couldn’t do it. Best? Everyone actually enjoyed not having to get up at the crack of black to get horses to the grounds.
4. Jeff’s work has been incredibly hectic so he’s been there a ton of extra time on top of his 2+ hr commute. So needless to say we got nearly nothing done here this summer like shingling the roof, stuccoing the house, painting the house, gutting the teacherage, scrap metal collection & about 100 other jobs.
5. I have a real job! And I absolutely love it. The people are awesome, the work is interesting, it’s super close to home & I keep thinking they’ve made a mistake on my paycheck.
6. Kids moved schools! To a different town, a much bigger town & school – scary for country kids & beyond stressful, but so worth it.
7. We had a ton of commitments like weekly barrel racing series’ & finals, a wedding far away, 20 yr high school reunion, blah blah blah

And the kicker, my kids are only allowed to be in one thing. I have friends that are on the run all the time. We just can’t do it, nor do I want to. Maybe I’m the worst mother ever, but living out of town with 4 kids demands different priorities.

Not complaining, just looking back on the summer & wondering how we did it? I’m sure that’s how I’ll look back in 30 years & wonder what the hell was I thinking?

So here’s the thing, I need to have a dose of sanity, like really need it. If both of you that read this blog remember, I had quite a problem with depression after my first 2 kids were born. We lived in this house all those years ago & I was really worried about how moving back to the house ‘felt’ to me. I had to majorly change up the paint colors & make it feel very different.

I really don’t get a lot of time for myself, but it was silversmithing that helped pull me out 10 years ago & it is what still inspires & motivates me now. That and Pinterest, that is a few fantasy ‘me’ minutes.

Wouldn’t trade it for anything.

This is the multiplicity that is my life, enjoy…..

Love ya



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  1. Suzie Salmon said...

    Oh my goodness Shelagh, that’s a plate and a half full!!! You’re amazing girl!