#farmvoices – its our turn

There’s a change happening, healing a real change, website like this all over the world people are becoming aware of something that they deal with on a daily basis….food.  Its going to blow up all over the internet on April 22nd! People want to know where their food comes from.  From beef to vegetables, the world now is interested how their food ended up on their plate, what’s the back story? What did it take for it to get to me? The realization that it doesn’t just come from the supermarket.  The world is coming around, I was amazed at the ‘homesteading’ section at the book store!  Volumes filled with our grandparents knowledge, the basics that have been lost to so many people.

This change is a movement that will come to explode all over social media on April 22nd.  I was so inspired by this video, it got me all emotional.  The disconnection is a bit foreign to me, growing up on a farm & growing a massive garden my whole life, but I understand how easy it is for people to become detached if they’re not exposed to it.  That is why the farmers need to be the ones getting these people engaged, not necessarily relying on the media alone to get the message out.

Agriculture has come to the forefront and some of our best & brightest have taken up the cause – to get this information out there,  they’re representing all farms: traditional, organic, big or small farms, we care about how we produce food, we’re doing it out of love, we want to stay on the farm.


#farmvoices is a phenomenon facilitated by farmon.com – a fantastic group of people who are plugging into the young farmers that are social media savy.

“The FarmOn Foundation was formed by a group of young agricultural enthusiasts, from rural Alberta, determined to see the industry thrive and become tangible for new farmers looking to be a part of it.  With Canada losing 60% of their young agricultural producers in the last 15 years, leaving only 9.1% of farmers under the age of 35, it was mission critical to form an organization that existed solely for the benefit of young farmers and seeing them succeed.

As such, the FarmOn Foundation was born, with the mandate to inspire young farmers to action by equipping them with the tools, knowledge and hands on skills needed to increase the profitability of their agricultural businesses.”

I encourage everyone to participate on April 22nd, tweet it, facebook it, blog about it, and most importantly…..LIVE IT

I was raised on a mixed farm (cattle & grain), and as they say, ‘you don’t know what you have ’till its gone’.  My family sold the farm about 20 years ago & not that I ever thought I wouldn’t be living in a rural area, I wish that I’d savored those years more.  I wish I’d savored the family farm a little more. My husband & I live on ‘the colony’ of sorts, we own a portion of the land that our family all uses for pasture for horses & beef cattle.  I mean I’d love to farm more land, have more cows, make more hay, but land is so expensive here, there is no way for us to make that happen. Example?? a quarter section (160 acres) just went up for sale for $4.5 million, yup, my calves would have to poop gold to make that payment to Farm Credit!

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Every time I crack open a hay bale in the dead of winter to feed the animals, it takes me back to those long hot days on the baler;  that smell to me IS summer.  Every day I’m in my garden weeding unending rows of carrots, I think of my grandmother & all the people she fed out of her garden.  They put this land in our hands to carry forward, to nurture & it is our responsibility to help people understand what it is we do & why we do it.


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  1. Gena LaCoste said...

    SooOO beautifully said Shelagh, and thanks for the heads-up about the 22nd. I hope you’re right about people becoming more aware…I sometimes wonder. Congratulations to you & Jeff for raising kids that “get it”. There’s lots of hope in that!

  2. Laura said...

    Awesome, perfect post, Shelagh. Your family is an inspiration to so many.

  3. Feeding the World #farmvoices said...

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  4. Sarah Wray said...

    Well said! Thank you for sharing you story!