Calgary Stampede 2012 -Day # 5 (really day #7)

So here we are, viagra dosage a week into the Calgary Stampede Art Show! It’s my first year & I’m so happy with how it’s going. The days have been busy with record breaking crowds, it sure helps the 13 hr day go by a little bit faster.

I’m starting to power down now. Today is the first day my feet hurt & it will be tough to make it to 11pm tonight.

Remember my booth-mate, Mark? Here’s another great reason I’m so glad we got matched up.


Mark built a false wall in the back of our booth for storage & he made it just wide enough to fit a zero gravity chair with a nice warm blanket. I haven’t gotten in it yet, I’m not sure I’d be able to wake up after I went down.

This is a huge honor for me to be included in this show & I’m still a little in shock that they picked me. I keep expecting them to load me up because of a mistake they made!! Maybe if I’m nodding off in my directors chair out front of my booth, they will load me up.

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