Calgary Stampede 2012

I have had the huge honor of being chosen to be one of the artists showing in the Western Art Show at the 100th Calgary Stampede.

We are only 4 days in to the 10 day show & already it’s been fantastic! The energy on the grounds here is electric. I’m no stranger to the magic of this place when my husband Jeff was outriding here for many years, help but this year is different.

I could go on for pages about every little thing that is going on here, drugs so I’m hoping to break this up with a blog post every few days.

First things first, my partner Mark Farand. His art is awesome! The selection committee was right on in our match up. His work is stunning & people are drawn to our booth like moths to the flame. Our color schemes blend & bounce off each other like they were made to be together.


His ‘warped’ view is a breath of fresh air on these super hot days at Stampede Park. It helps that we are in THE best location, the Western Oasis is the coolest place on the grounds. We have a wine bar:


The air conditioning is cranked, the hotter it gets outside, the colder it gets in the Oasis.

If you are lucky enough to get to the Calgary Stampede come see me. I’m in the BMO Centre at the Western Oasis just around the corner from the big teepee facing the wine bar.

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