Super Woman?? NOT ME!! Blog-O-Sphere

Our blogging group’s topic for this month is what superpower would you want to have?

Let me tell you, viagra 60mg superheros & their powers are a big deal in this house.  The Avengers, search Marvel Superheros and the rest of them are often all I hear about from my 2 boys.  When they start up with the swordplay, wrestling & imaginary battles;  I’d like the “superpower” of selective deafness!

But in reality,  I would love to have the superpower of slowing down time.  Its true what they say about raising kids,  the days are long & the years are short.  I wish I could slow their growing up, enjoy it more.  Not have to be worrying about homework sheets, reading logs, lunches, bed times; but to worry about hugging them more,  enjoying them reading me a book instead of multitasking, just enjoying them playing.


He wore this Link outfit from the Legend of Zelda every day of our Regional 4-H show at the Calgary Stampede Grounds! Sword tucked down the back of the shirt, shield in hand.

I have a 7 year old, a 9 year old, a nearly 12 year old & a 14 year old.  The days zoom by and I hope I haven’t wasted too much time.  I have dear friends who have lost children & I often cry, thinking what they’d give for one of my ‘crappy days’ with their child.  It makes me appreciate those ‘crappy days’ & want them to go slower.

But again,  “all I can do – is all I can do” and I WILL do my best to stretch out those days & enjoy them no matter.



p.s. I’d also like time to slow down when I’m working in my studio!  It always seems that I never have enough time to execute what I have in my head.  My leaving work till the last minute wouldn’t be so last minute.

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6 Responses to “Super Woman?? NOT ME!! Blog-O-Sphere”

  1. Andes Cruz said...

    Time slowing would be awesome! I translate that in my desires to live longer/not age/ live forever 🙂

  2. barbara donovan said...

    Actually, I could really get on board with selective deafness. Sometimes I’m so easily distracted.
    Great post!

  3. Kathleen Krucoff said...

    I like that choice for a super power. And I’m right there with you on wanting to slow down time while working in the studio….sometimes it actually seems to happen for me and I am soooooo grateful.

  4. Diana Bell said...

    With kids “there are no bad days, only bad moments” is my mantra. But, yes, I agree with slowing of time I can’t believe how fast it goes!

  5. WATTO said...

    Good one! Jon and I wish for that all the time. Where does time go?

  6. Catherine Witherell said...

    THAT would be so great! People would think you never sleep and that you accomplish so much! Like “How did you get so much done with 4 children? OMG, you’re amazing!”