Slide over Boys

As a fashionable, visit this woman with a western flair, link would you wear one? “Slide over Boys” the title of an editorial article in Lapidary Journal magazine by Merle White, ask she thinks its just wrong to have a piece of jewelry that’s only for men!  It would seem the bolo tie isn’t just for boys any more.

What we think of as a traditional mens bolo tie is only a fraction of what is really out there.  “Native American Bolo Ties: Vintage and Contemporary Artistry” is a recent exhibition at Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, explores the history and design of the unusual form.  There are 250 pieces in the exhibit and many that are so unique, but still have the basic elements,  a focal piece and 2 tips fixed to a cord.  I had no idea there was such a history ‘tied’ to this jewelry!  And a bit of controversy over a patent too!

The article in the magazine hits on many designs that are not masculine at all,  in fact made for women.  Here is a picture of a project by Lexi Erickson:

Bolo by Lexi Erickson

Bolo by Lexi Erickson

Here’s an AMAZING art piece made from Botswana Agate.  Check it out here


I generally don’t enjoy or pay any attention the Kardashian Mafia, but I came across one of them rocking a bolo tie while pregnant no less!


There are many options not only in the slide to the custom tips with gemstones.  I have lots of ideas flying around in my head,  I’d better get to the sketch book!  But before I even get there,  I must ask again girls,  would you wear one?



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