She wears it so well

what is one thing you really love to do & why?

I really love to make the jewelry that I do, tadalafil I mean really, viagra really love it.  I have my travel case filled with new and old pieces at home so I can ship them to customers, page or re-stock at an art gallery.  But they stay there,  I have a few favorite pieces that I wear to work & the rare occasions when I actually leave the house with make up on!

I don’t get to showcase my work by wearing it out a lot, so it makes me SO happy when I see true fashionistas enjoying my work!

Suzie at Urban Country Style has been showcasing my work on her fabulous blog for quite a while.  Check out her post about Boyfriend Jeans


This piece is super cool, I’m so glad that Suzie ended up with it.  I know she’ll do it justice! This was a great post called FabFauxFur with Feathers!


Another fashion-forward gal that incorporates everything from camo to couture is Cashmere and Camo.

I recently altered a piece for Brandi, she posted about it today…AND she’s wearing those boots that I’ve been coveting (that my personal shopper couldn’t find anywhere in Vegas during the NFR)

Cashmere & Camo

Here’s a piece that Brandy’s Mum picked out at the Western Showcase at Calgary Stampede.  Brandy posted about it here.


The fashion maven, Laura posts on lots of great fashion looks that are practical for my life – from a night out to a cattle show, she’s got great ideas for it all.

photo by Natalie Jackman

photo by Natalie Jackman

She, like me is a bit camera shy, so I don’t have any pics of her wearing her fabulous feather earrings, but I promise she does! You can almost see them in the photo above.

Cathryn from The Farmer’s Trophy Wife, is a woman after my own heart.  Mixing the real day to day life of farming and trying to raise semi house-broke kids & the desire to be fashionable.  Let me tell you, she achieves it on a much more regular basis than I do!  She has been a supporter of mine from the beginning & I’m glad to have her in my corner!

There are so many other fantastic women wearing pieces that are so near and dear to my heart.  I just saw a lovely girls’ maternity pictures on Facebook yesterday & she was wearing a turquoise stamped cross necklace that I made a few years ago.  It sure means a lot to have people still wearing & enjoying the pieces.

It is an honor to have these women & many others adorning themselves with a piece of jewelery that came from my hands.  When I sit down at the end of the day with my hands looking like I’m a heavy-duty mechanic & there’s cow s#!t on my jeans, its so nice to know someone got dressed up & chose one of my creations.  I always look forward to seeing how you work the piece into a look that I never would have imagined!

As always, I continue to live vicariously through your ‘cool-ness’



5 Responses to “She wears it so well”

  1. Laura said...

    Thanks, Shelagh! The photos I have are not nearly as good of quality as Suzie and Brandy’s, but I love “wearing Shelagh” at least once a week!

  2. Suzie Salmon said...

    Thanks so much for the shout out Shelagh! You know I love ya right back and that you are my “go to” for jewels girl! As well, I heart the other ladies too!

    Oh, and I do recall Laura (aka ellebo) posted a pic of those gorgeous feather earrings on Instagram…I have a mind like a steel trap for these things! Lol

  3. Brandy said...

    Thanks so much Shelagh! My mom was over the moon that someone else other than her and my dad read that post, and I am loving the necklace you altered for me. I know my mom and I both have a few more things on our wish list from your shop so keep up the amazing work!!

  4. Shelagh said...

    Y’all are my heros, I’m going to need fashionista assistance come July!

  5. cathryn~the farmer's trophy wife said...

    thanks babe! and i am 100% in your corner!! 😉 and wanna go shopping sometime?!!?