My Wagon Girls!

I know its been a while & I won’t even bore you with all the drama.

I do want to tell you about a great group that I have had the privilege to be involved with for a number of years.  The Women of the Wagons!!  There has been an informal group of “wagon wives” for a number of years, drug but in recent years a lovely lady, Suzanne Linklater got us girls organized to create a charity event.

Suzanne organized the first Women of the Wagons Fashion Show, she recently passed away & so the event this year was dedicated in her honor.   Every year that it has been held, the girls have organized a wonderful day that has raised a LOT of money for numerous charities. This year was the Alberta Childrens Hospital. The past few years the event has been held in Ponoka, AB during the famous Ponoka Stampede.  It has sold out & has become a hot ticket among women looking for a fun time during Ponoka!  They have great prizes, games & an all around good time.

Since my husband has retired from outriding, I don’t get to be as involved as I’d like to be.  My Mum helps organize the fashion show portion of the day, so I guess she’s my stand-in.  What I am able to do is donate jewelry to their silent auction.

I know my wagon girls work hard to make this happen, just like they do working behind the scenes in their wagon camps.  Wagon women are incredible people, I’ve never met another group like them.  It doesn’t matter if you’re outfit is first or last, if the outrider is hired or fired; these girls stick together to support their families.  As if they didn’t have enough to take care of, they put that same incredible effort in the charity work they have taken on, I love ’em!



July 12, 2011 This is an update from the organizer, Dina Sutherland:

Well Ladies, I finally have official numbers. Today, I was lucky enough to be one of the people to go the Alberta Children’s Hospital and deliver our $18 000 cheque to them plus 8 large orange garbage bags of teddy bears. We also donated $6000 to the WPCA Benevolent Fund. I thank each and every one of you for your help. This event could not occur without the help of all of you. We had Mark Sutherland, Rick Fraser, and Kelly Sutherland at the hospital signing posters and handing out teddy bears. The kids were so happy to see them. There were lots of giggles from kids who don’t have much to smile about. It really brought home our theme of “Life isn’t tied with a bow but it is still a gift.” These kids are always so positive, it really does make it all worth while. Again, thank you to each and every one of you who either donated time, money, a gift or came out and supported the event.


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