Little does he know…

Little does my son know that this experience will change his life forever. 

My son, Finn who is 9 just finished competing in his first year of 4H public speaking.  He delivered a fantastic speech that he wrote himself with a little help with grammar and delivery.  Its called, “My Donkey Adventure”.  He wanted to write about halter breaking his calves with a donkey.  It definitely has been an adventure.

Finn wasn’t very nervous and seemed to enjoy getting more and more animated each time he practiced it.  He went to his sister’s clubs public speaking event to get a feel for what would happen.  There is a little firecracker in that club that excels at public speaking and Finn decided when he got home that he would just say his speech like Sasha does!  Very observant for his first time.

Below is a little clip of his speech..

My Donkey Adventure 2012 (trimmed)

It is amazing how well the Junior members did (aged 9-11) and even the Cleaver Kids (6-8 year olds)!  They were enthusiastic in their deliveries and confident with their impromptu speeches.  One judge said it best when she told them that they just did something that most adults are terrified to do!

My husband and I feel very strongly about the merits of the 4H program.  All 4 of our children will participate in a 4H club of their choice. I’m sure you’ll find similar comments from fellow 4H’ers whatever their age.  The public speaking element is what scared me away from it as a child, but is one of the most beneficial, I think.  I hear from lots of friends that credit the 4H program with leading them to the jobs they have, the life-long friends and of course the whole idea of ‘Learn to Do by Doing’!

Finn will be going to the next level of competition this Saturday and we’re super thrilled for him to achieve this in his first year of 4H!

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