Its been one of those days….

For my farming and ranching people….we’ve all been there; one of those days we’re standing in mud up to our knees wondering, sildenafil “Why am I doing this, medicine again?”  The entry way of my house smells like a feed lot, ailment the kids have manure all over their rubber boots that they have to wear to school the next day, every evening during chores someone falls in the mud & needs an emergency rescue (reality check.. its the same kid over & over again)!

Yesterday was one of those days on our place.  Tractor stuck, Bobcat stuck trying to get tractor unstuck (I feel like I’m in Corb’s song); mud everywhere, cows out, rolling feeders around in the mud, sorting 4H calves out of a group they weren’t supposed to be in with.  And then we could start the regular chores!  The list goes on & it could have been worse, it wasn’t snowing & blowing cold, that’s today.

Jeff & I made it back to the house tired, sore & sweaty confirming that a gym membership would be a waste of money. Kids hadn’t made their lunches, or had their baths & the muddy, dirty laundry is piled high 😮

Sometimes when stuff like this happens, we (I) ponder living in town:

* only a few square feet of lawn to deal with not acres and acres to manage & miles of fence to keep up with.

* delivery! this would be huge: food, newspapers, couriers that come to your door, girl scout cookies 🙂

* proximity to stores, need some milk? Don’t pay $59.95 for a jug at the closest store.

* throw the dog or cat some food; no more buying feed by the ton

* shoveling only your sidewalk when it snows; no plowing with the Bobcat for hours

* we’d for sure have lots of free time wouldn’t we? wouldn’t we?

BUT back to reality…

there are way too many reasons that we love our life here:

* the quiet (other than the hounds barking at random smells)

* the view of the beautiful foothills of Alberta

* the horses

* the cows (the babies are to die for)

* the wildlife

OK, maybe not this wildlife right behind my house, taking a nap under the kids swing set, type of wildlife.  Pretty elk in the distance, deer on my lawn, they’re allowed; bears breaking into the garbage bin, not so much.

The list goes on and on, our wicked sledding hill in the winter, the barn cats, etc., etc., and truth be told, I could NOT handle neighbors!

We live in a community with lots of small subdivision around us, that means lots of town people that have moved out to the country.  I hear from a lot of my neighbors, “I want an easy way to make money from my land that won’t take up much time.” or “I need some passive income from my acreage.” God Bless ’em but, I have to simply explain that if there was an easy, cheap way to make money from your land, everyone would be doing it!

There’s no way to get around the hard work that a farm or ranch comes with; someone has to do it & honestly, I feel lucky & blessed that its my family!

2 Responses to “Its been one of those days….”

  1. Cathy said...

    “Just another bullshit day in Suck City” is what I say with days like that. And we do have them in the city! Stay put. 🙂

  2. shelagh said...

    I agree, Cathy! We’ll never leave (Farm Credit won’t allow it), but some days its nice to dream. I know my kids love the Freaky Friday switches when they get to be City Kids.