Good Trade…..

Doing art shows is always a lot of fun.  I get to meet a lot of interesting people, dosage I get time away from my kids to be with grown-ups & I love when I get good neighbours. My good friend Gena Lacoste and I do a lot of the same shows & we now request to have our booths next to each other.  We do it on our own, troche so its nice to have someone there to watch your stuff while you go grab a bite to eat.

Many of these neighbourhood acquaintances have turned into long lasting friendships. One of the best parts of this is trading my jewelry for art. I have many pieces of art in my house that I would never have been able to afford. One thing I’ve observed at these art shows, drugs is how much the customer wants to meet the artist, get to know them. I get asked 1000 different questions about materials, technique, inspiration & about my husbands outriding career. I’m lucky enough to get to know these artists well; there have been slow days when we sit with each other for hours without seeing a soul. Every time I look at their work in my home it reminds me of them, their commitment to their art & our friendship.

Yesterday, a friend commented on a photo of a necklace that I had posted on Facebook. It was dangerously close to his wedding anniversary & needed to get the perfect present before the big day. We arranged a trade for some of his fantastic wood carving work. I have admired Gerardo Carsolio‘s work for years & I finally get to admire one in my own home! The picture doesn’t do it justice, it is artfully carved from Brazilian Cherry & I love it!

by Gerardo Carsolio

I have traded for some of Gena’s paintings that she did of Jeff’s favorite outriding horse, Lake. Gena does amazing watercolors. She’s brilliant at horses & I could sit all day & watch her paint. Watching her create these masterpieces with only 3 colors is another great benefit of being her neighbour!

by Gena Lacoste

I’ve traded for many other pieces of art from awesome artists and I feel very lucky to own them. Some of the things I’ve traded for haven’t been so glamerous, my husband also has volunteered trades for me, pasture being the least exciting of them all!!

See they’re thinking of the hot July sun, looking forward to their summer pasture & they think I’m a super talented artist!

I kind of wish I could use the old barter system more!


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