From sketch to reality

Design Ideas, clinic jewelry ideas floating around in my head – usually at the most inopportune time; like just as I’m drifting off to sleep.

Sometimes I’ll get up and sketch something by the light of my phone at my bedside & other times I’m sure I’ll remember (that rarely happens).

On regular days:

June 09 213

I lay out the stones in an arrangement that I like, web   in color matches that I find interesting,  or sometimes I have a shape in mind & have to search out the stone combination that fits the idea I have in my head.  I really liked this Amethyst with Turquoise combo.

June 09 203

Then it comes down to keeping track of how much each stone costs, how many square inches of sterling silver sheet I’m using & how much the beads are & how many accent beads I may be using.

June 09 200

Then the shape is traced onto the sterling silver sheet & cut out with my jewelers saw.  You can see this one in the center of the picture.  It is rough at this point, but after filing & sanding, its ready for the stones to be set.

july09 062

Here’s the final piece – this one ended up going to Texas with a lady who was visiting the World Angus Forum that was held at Spruce Meadows in 2009.   It was a really interesting show & cattle looked AMAZING on the beautiful backdrop of Spruce Meadows.



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