Foster Home for 4H calves

This kind of snuck up on us, look this foster parent thing. Most foster parents have to go through rigorous questionnaires, pill interviews and background checks. Not us, not when you’re fostering 4H calves.

My husband, Jeff & I are very pro-4H, there isn’t another organization in Canada that can do so much for kids from life skills to scholarships. Every chance we get, we’ll tell wavering parents why they should put their kids in 4H. Jeff is a leader in our horse club this year & our youngest daughter will be joining the horse club as a Cleaver Kid. This is a younger group of kids that can take part in 4H before they are full-members, they’re between 6-8 years old.

Our son is in Beef Club again this year & like last year he’s got a steer project and is in the second year with his heifer project. There hasn’t been too many new members in Beef Club in the past few years. It kind of goes with the territory around here, fewer ranchers and more acreages. There was a worry a few years ago that the beef club would fold.

Well we at the Blatz Ranch have solved this problem! All these acreage kids that don’t have room for a steer can now bring them to the foster home for show steers! There were quite a few kids that were drawn into the mix by the promise of a big cheque. So far it looks like we’ll have 6 animals in this fall.

It’s a ton of extra work, but how could we say no to a kid that will benefit from the 4H program? My husband absolutely loves these show calves & I think he’d love to have a record book of his very own (this must be why he enjoys marking record books so much).

Almost all the calves are in and ready for the 4H year to get underway.


Let the fun begin!

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