Fashion vs. Style

I used to get really caught up in Fashion – Vogue magazine & the works.  Right now I feel that I am the farthest thing away from that wonderful land of perfectly styled clothing!

I have clothing that is 10+ years old that I still get compliments on every time I wear them.  I worked in clothing retail starting when I was 14 years old, order   those experiences, medical those people shaped me & my ‘fashion sense’.  I use that term very loosely! Daily its usually jeans, carharrts & bogs; but when I’m doing an art show, I do love getting to wear pieces that I’ve collected!

Suzie from Urban Country Style is THE most stylish, fashionable woman I know; she’s timeless & elegant.

suzie quote

How would you describe your style?



One Response to “Fashion vs. Style”

  1. Suzie Salmon said...

    Thanks so much you sweet lady you! You do realize it’s your jewels that make pretty much every look I put together, so I’m sending you the love right back 🙂