Facebook Experiment – fail??

I’ve been doing a bit of an Facebook experiment the last couple weeks.  I’m an extremely busy person with 4 kids, approved cows, cure horses, 8 different 4-H projects, a “real” job, my silversmithing business, a rental house & then throw in a husband – my ‘spare’ time is pretty much non-existent.

I find social media promotion difficult to fit in.  I know I need to do it for my business to be relevant in this world, but who the hell has the time to do interesting blog posts & engage with potential clients on all platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google +, Instagram & how many others I don’t even know about!

So I decided I’d try to do a blog post every day each day of the week with a theme.  Fashion posts, Studio posts, Quotes, Stone or Process Features & 4-H Friday.  I did a few weeks & scheduled them all to automatically post to multiple platforms & waited……..

I’ve been reading a lot about what Facebook has done to Business pages lately.  If you have a business page, you’ll notice that the people that are ‘seeing’ your posts has dwindled.  Facebook uses a mysterious algorithm to determine out who sees your posts. You can read no end of articles giving advice on how your business should post & what they should post, whether or not to post links, or to share posts directly from your blog,  linking to your Facebook page and on & on & on.  So what I have determined,  it doesn’t seem to matter.  Facebook wants you to pay to get the exposure you desire, that’s fine its Mark Zuckerberg’s sandbox, he can do what he wants.

Here’s how it goes:

non paid post

71 people saw this post;  it is a post that is somewhat ‘organic’.  I wrote a blog post & linked it to my FB page.  Not too many ‘fans’ of the page actually even saw the post.  When I link to a post like this it is even less than a straight FB post.

boosted post

6,612 people saw this post; this is a post that I paid $20 to promote.  I can pick & choose who sees it based on what they’re interested in.  WOW quite a difference!  But most business cannot afford to fund every post;  I know I certainly cannot.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m NOT going to continue posting EVERY DAY.  Its exhausting & frankly, I don’t think I have that much to say.  I’m going to keep up the posts about what I’m working on in the studio once a week & the odd 4-H Friday.

If you are a fan of Designs by Shelagh on Facebook (which I hope you are) and you would like to see pictures of new work, dates of upcoming shows & the odd blog post; there are just a couple things to do:


When you like the page, make sure that you check FOLLOWING as well, then you can set notifications, so I’ll show up on your news feed & you can add me to an INTERESTS LIST.



The absolute BEST thing you can do to keep connected is sign up for my email list on my website.  I’m going to use it sparingly,  NOT spamming you with daily emails – but I’d like to let out some discounts & giveaways through the email list.

newsletter sign up screen shot





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