Distracting my self with work

Hey all, store

I’m sure most of you know my fantastic husband is a former outrider with the World Professional Chuckwagon Association.  He did it for 17 years, page it is how we met & was a most wonderful time in our lives. I could have a whole other blog just about how much I love my Wagon Family, but I digress.

Jeff was involved in a huge wreck at the Ponoka Stampede nearly 2 years ago & broke his leg.  I’ll spare you the gory details & they were gory.  Ok, here’s a bit of the G-rated gore:

Nasty, isn’t it?

Well the outriding is now over & Jeff has decided that he wants the plate & 7 screws that was put in his leg to come out!  It bothers him & frankly, I’m sick of the complaining.  We’ve been trying to plan a trip to Disneyland & I am NOT taking 4 kids & a grouchy husband who is looking for a bench!

So Friday at Red Deer Regional Hospital, the plate & screws are set to come out.  This is the reason for the evening of blogging & lots of silversmithing work….I’m nervous.  I don’t like hospitals, I don’t like surgery & I really don’t like my husband being in an altered state (when its not my idea of course).

My hands are sore from filing the conchos for my new fantabulous concho belt that I’m making myself.  Its so awesome, you just might die.  I am a lover from afar of concho belts & have finally come up with an idea that I have NEVER seen before on a belt (more on that later).  See? I’m doing it again, distracting myself from the worry.  I had to find something else to do to keep my mind off this.

So back to it, the mens pendants, the custom order piece that’s in the tumbler, the earrings from the Facebook contest & the bin of repairs I have to keep me busy!!

Wish me (us) luck!!



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