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“Do the seasons affect/inspire you? In what way?”

Wow!! I’m not sure how much the seasons affect my inspiration.  Because I live in Canada, our winter is LONG… long-ass-long.  There has been snow on the ground since OCTOBER!!  There is no end in sight to melt all this that is still on the ground 🙁  It feels like there are only 2 seasons: Winter & a few months of non-winter.winter feed

I guess I’m a little more pragmatic when it comes to my jewelery creations, I usually have a big deadline & because of my hundreds of other commitments,  I don’t have time to listen on outside inspiration.  What has to be done, gets done.  My inspiration is a little closer to the creation of the piece;  I’ll have a drawing or concept in my head & then go from there.


If I had to pick one, I guess I’d say, fall.  I love the colors & the feel of it.  The favorite colors of my life are fall colors.  The yellows, oranges & reds against the bright blue sky.

HHhhmmmmm, I wonder where I’ve seen that before???

booth shot


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5 Responses to “Changing of the Seasons – Blog-o-sphere”

  1. andes said...

    yeah….. winter…. I don’t really miss Alberta winters….

  2. barbaradonovan said...

    Our climates are completely opposite…we have summer and a few months of non summer 🙂

  3. Robyn (@aflyonthewall) said...

    Fall is my favorite also – not because we have one we have two seasons…in SoCal its Rain or Summer! I think that is why we take our vacation in Fall – we can drive to Fall!

  4. pencilfox said...

    i’m with you: here in alaska, winter and not-winter.
    some days, things must be done with no spare time for frivolities. chores come first. but there’s always a bird flitting by, or some snow-shoe’ing that must be done, so i take my bits of inspiration as they present.

    sweet post! love the cattle!!

  5. Kathleen Krucoff said...

    Long winters, those can be tough. I do love the colors of fall. Nice post!