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This month, see my Blogging Group is asking what inspires me?  That’s a tough one, there are so many inspirations in my family life, work life & personal life. When it comes to my jewelry design business,  I find inspiration everywhere I look in my studio.

The Blues


From the stones neatly organized by color & shape to a bag of beads fresh from a gem show.


I pour over catalogs online & in stores & at gem shows.  There are always so many ideas,  so many explosions of inspiration.

So much of the time,  they fall out of my head by the time I get to my sketch book,  only to come back to me a week or less before a show.  Its so frustrating!!  I always seem to get my best ideas when there isn’t time to execute them.

Personally, I have a best friend that continues to inspire me every day.  He works hard at his office job,  he works so hard for his kids so they can succeed at what ever they choose and genuinely works on his marriage.  I’m really lucky to be married to this guy.  19 years, 4 kids later  I never worry about how things are going to work out,  because they always do.  He has faith & in turn that gives me inspiration to keep plugging along.


Professionally there are so many people that inspire me,  surrounded by many different artists of varying disciplines at art shows.  It is not easy to be an artist-type and run the business side of things.  When I’m not feeling like I belong in that ultra talented group of people,  I have to remind myself that only I can give myself permission to belong.  My friends Gena Lacoste & Mark Farand often remind me,  I’m a ‘fancy shmancy’ artist too!  Another amazing ‘kid’ that is an inspiration of amazing proportions is my neighbour & friend, Paige.  She has so many irons in the fire, is creating non-stop.  Her creativity spurs me on to come up with new ideas & concepts.  I enjoy collaborating with her when ever I get the chance.

What inspires you?




*So what is this new “blog-o-Sphere” thing?

A friend formed a group of friends who blog  [titled it the ” Blog-o-sphere think tank” Group.] ; from all different areas of life, to do a ‘once a month’ ‘blog circle’, or ‘blog carnival’ type thing, if you will. Anyway, we get together once a month, and all write about the same topic, and hopefully we all post at the same time, on the 20th of each month.  I personally find it interesting to read everyone’s thoughts on an idea or topic. It’s fun, light, and gets your mind going. Everyone has a different ideas; so you might learn something, or open your eyes to new ideas . In any case, it’s fun!!!  I hope you’ll visit all the blogs and have a read!

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5 Responses to “Blog-O-Sphere – Inspiration”

  1. Andes Cruz said...

    Awesome. And yes!

  2. Kathleen Krucoff said...

    Really enjoyed your post! Thanks for sharing your inspirations.

  3. Beth said...

    I love your color coded stone collection!!! very inspiring indeed.

  4. Catherine Witherell said...

    Sorted by color and shape?! That’s the way . . . wish I had done that . . . probably never going to happen.

    Your best friend is SO cute!

    Thank you for showing us a little more about you.

  5. tosca said...

    I love colour-coded collections!