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I’m back from the ‘dark side’ as my husband says & back to some semblance of reality.  So I’m back to the blogging group that I’m in.  This month the topic is all about animals & how they fit in my life.  Mine might be a bit unconventional, purchase   might gross you out, more about make you think I’m the worst parent in the world, visit this but it is what it is.

Animals play a huge part in our day to day life here.  My children have 4-H market projects,  that means they raise an animal (steer or sheep),  feed it,  care for it,  show it & sell the animal for eventual consumption.  Yes it is tough,  yes there are tears; but it is real life.  People eat meat & it doesn’t come from the grocery store.  In the case of the steers,  if the male calf isn’t fancy enough to become a bull,  then this is his destiny;  but this calf did get the BEST care,  the highest quality feed, was bathed & brushed & shown to the best of their ability & most importantly, loved.  I put a pretty high value on what this animal is here to teach my child:  hard work pays off,  marketing strategies, profit/loss book keeping,  that there are no ‘days off’ for bad weather or holidays when caring for their animal & animals deserve the best care you can give them.  These steers put money in the bank for my kids education & the highest quality meat in the freezer for a very important supporter of the 4-H program.

Finn with his steer project Ace,  Grand Champion Steer & 1st calf out of his 2 yr old female project.

Finn with his steer project Ace, Grand Champion Steer and first calf out of his 2 yr old female project.

We also have animals for companionship & pure enjoyment.  My girls are in 4-H Horse Club,  they have riding lessons from a qualified instructor every couple of weeks,  they have to feed & care for their animal and also keep the record book tallying all the costs.  The horse project animal carries forward year to year & are not sold.   My girls LOVE the horses they ride more than their brothers I’m sure.  Actually,  I think they love the cuddly barn cat, Gandalf more than their brothers.

Clara reading books to her best friend & retired rope horse, Reno

Clara reading books to her best friend & retired rope horse, Reno

So that is how important animals are to our life,  we live agriculture in our family & even though our operation is small,  we are doing what we can to help feed the world & put some kids into that world that we can be proud of.



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4 Responses to “Blog-o-shpere – Animals”

  1. Andes Cruz said...

    I completely respect the values you are instilling in your family – the hard work to care for the animals, to respect & love them, and care for them the best that is possible. I believe that is an important connection with the food we choose to eat; that most people do not have. I personally choose not to eat animals, because I know I do not need to, to be healthy. Nor do I enjoy knowing that a living creature has died for my benefit(when I don’t feel there is a need), it is more than my heart can bear. But If I were to, knowing the animals are cared for properly is very important to me.

  2. Kathleen Krucoff said...

    The reality of life. Your animals are well cared for and yes, you are teaching your children valuable lessons. So glad you joined us for this month’s topic. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Catherine Witherell said...

    Wow! You’re definitely teaching your children about real life and about taking care of animals. I have a lot of respect for that and I’m impressed!

  4. Flip said...

    Normally I’m against killing but this article slhgeatured my ignorance.