Favorite Foods – Blog O Sphere

Hey everyone!

I’ve been non-blogging for a bit & its time to get back at it.  I’ve been busy with the brat pack, viagra approved calving cows & custom jewelry work.

I only have 3 mamas to go & just ordering supplies for spring fabrication of more beautiful western jewelry!

Before any of this starts, ed   I need to do the taxes!! Yay me – so naturally I’m doing everything but.  A blog post will take a bit more time away from feed bills & vet clinic receipts.

This month the group is blogging about our favorite food.  Read more…

If money were no object – Blog-O-Sphere

Wow!  We have this discussion ALL THE TIME in our house, symptoms in fact those lotto commercials inspire many conversations like this.  There are so many things I’d like to do to improve our place.  Probably not many of which would be the norm if you didn’t have to worry about the ca$h. Read more…

Adventure Time – Blog-o-Shphere

This month the blogging group I’m in posed the question, advice   “Describe an adventure you hope/want to experience in your lifetime.”

Well I’ve come to realize that my world is pretty small,  content maybe.  I don’t have a lot of big adventures that I’m dreaming about.  I’m so bogged down in the day to day of it all, that I can’t even think that far ahead……but what if there is no ‘far ahead’?  I could get hit by a bus tomorrow.

So with the bus hurtling towards me,  Read more…

Blog-o-shpere – Animals

I’ve been doing a bit of an Facebook experiment the last couple weeks.  I’m an extremely busy person with 4 kids, diagnosis cows, visit this site horses, 8 4-H projects, a “real” job, my silversmithing business, a rental house & then throw in a husband – my ‘spare’ time is pretty much non-existent. Read more…