4-H Friday – Bee Pollinator

4-H Canada has a new initiative starting this month across the country.


4-H Clubs across Canada will have access to Bee Pollinator Garden Seed Packets to use as a fundraiser for their club. 

Bees and bee health seem to be in the news a lot lately.  The amazing facts are mind boggling.  In order to reproduce, store plants rely on insects and other pollinators.  Therefore, over time, plants have adapted to become more attractive to pollinators.

We have pollinators to thank for many of the foods we eat.  Pollination is important to the production of one third of today’s food crops.

If you don’t know a 4-H Family or know where to find your local club,  check the 4-H Canada site, or google 4-H and your province to find a club near you that is participating!

If all else fails,  get a hold of me,  I can’t wait to get my hands on these kits & spread the seeds around our place!!





2 Responses to “4-H Friday – Bee Pollinator”

  1. Elle-Bo said...

    Thanks for sharing, Shelagh! Could I order some for mom & dad’s new place, please?

  2. Shelagh said...

    For sure! Email me with how many packets you want & I’ll get them to you! Thanks