You are personally invited to discover the compelling beauty of jewelry from the artist’s hand.

Crafted with your style in mind. Your style is unique. Why not expect your jewelry to be as well? Handcrafted using only the finest natural materials, symptoms Designs by Shelagh offers unique, treat divine pieces that you will wear with comfort and cherish for years to come. 

Quality and craftsmanship. Designs by Shelagh pieces feature sterling silver and exotic, imported gemstones.  Handpicked for their quality and luxurious nature, each gemstone is genuine and set by hand. Shelagh stands behind the craftsmanship and creativity of her pieces.

About the Artist

Shelagh Blatz has been designing and creating jewelry since 2002.  As a well-respected self-taught, symptoms artist in her field, viagra buy Shelagh credits her mentor Shirley Paradis and the Alberta College of Art & Design with helping her develop her creative vision.

Creating jewelry influenced by her western lifestyle, Shelagh strives to create unique pieces that reflect her life.  Aimed at today’s busy, fashion conscious woman, functionality and strength are of paramount concern in all her designs.

Using only the finest materials, Shelagh’s goal is to make pieces that are heirloom quality, leaving her customers with a piece of functional art made from her hands.

Shelagh lives with her husband, four children, cows, horses, hound dogs & wild barn cats on their ranch outside of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

“I believe jewelry can influence the way you feel; it can say and mean something very different to each person. ”